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Thirds Grand Final Preview

It's with great honour that we get to playing a Grand Final this week against a really strong competitive opponent in Skye.

When we set up the thirds two weeks prior to the season starting this year our objective was to provide a medium for people to play football: some who were lost to the game, those who may of been chasing a personal goal, a chance to play with mates and just an opportunity for a battler to have a kick.

We started out with 25 blokes, a coach, a team board and a set of jumpers. Not many knew each other but we came together and got a win. 20 games and 64 players later, some devastating injuries, memorable father son experiences, new coaches hopping on board, suspensions, getting an awesome trainer, controversies, 2 big finals we are into the Grand Final.

You don't get to play in a Grand Final too often, let alone win one. Some have never played in a winning final until recently. Hence we need to seize this opportunity. Football has and always will be about the team, and that is what has got us to this point.

We are proud to be representing the Bentleigh Football Netball Club this weekend.

We would love your support in any way.

Go Demons.

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