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At the BJFC we have a tremendous culture of supporting participation of kids in football. A culture that enables kids and their families to experience the great opportunities and challenges that Aussie Rules footy brings to communities.
We are a healthy, relaxed, successful family club overseen by a Committee that is driven by wanting to see kids enjoy spending time at the Club with their friends as well as playing good, competitive footy.  
Our emphasis on inclusion leads to enjoyment and success. Two premierships in 2015 backing up from our three in 2014 from 10 teams is testimony to our culture and approach.


Playing Netball gives a great opportunity to belong to a team, and to assist in keeping a healthy body and mind and to make new friends.  Most players participate in netball activities for fun. The final result is secondary, and as parents you can support this by applauding good performance and efforts by all players.


Training will be focusing on fun for all, but also on developing skills, team play, and good sportsmanship. We encourage all parents to get involved by assisting coaches at training with training drills.

Bentleigh JFC

We maintain a strong relationship with the Bentleigh Junior Football Club.


Omega Netball Club

We have been developing our relationship with Omega Netball Club. Connecting with these young athletes is one of our primary goals.


Senior Pathways

Our partnership with the junior clubs allows for more development opportunities for all athletes. Coming up to the Senior club is one of the best moments in a players career.



Coming from a different club? No problem! Get in contact with Bentleigh JFC pr Omega NC and ask them about transfers.

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