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Peter Pirera to Step Down as Senior Coach

Bentleigh FNC Members , Partners and supporters.

Senior Men’s football coach Peter Pirera has this morning offered his resignation from his current position effective from the conclusion of Rd 18 this year.

The club and it’s committee respect and accept Peter’s decision.

We would like to sincerely thank Peter for the enormous amount of work , effort and tireless dedication he has provided to our club over the last 7 years and in particular the last 3 years.

Peter has worked and fulfilled roles and tasks well above and beyond his brief as Senior coach and done so with great diligence , club interest at heart and a smile. Peter has served as Assistant Senior coach , Senior coach , Dragon Club member and Platinum sponsor. And then done so much more.

We wish Peter all the very best in life and football and trust that he will not be lost to our club and remain involved in an appropriate role to be determined in time.

I would like to offer Pete my personal thanks also. I know how hard you’ve worked mate and you have my absolute respect and gratitude. The club will lose you as Senior coach but over the last 7 years I’ve gained a great mate and that does not change . Thankyou.

The BFNC have an extremely exciting next 8 weeks ahead with 5 Football teams and 3 Netball about to embark on finals .

I encourage all members and supporters to get excited and get around these sides and will them on to bring some silverware home .

Go Demons . Brett A Marshall Bentleigh FNC President

See Peter's statement below:

It is now time for me to step down on completion of the year and relinquish the role of Senior Coach of the Bentleigh FNC after 5 years in the role and 7 years at the club in the coaching team.

At round 15, it is imperative that the BFNC has sufficient time to plan for the transition into 2023 in terms of the coaching staff, potential recruits, list retention and management, preseason ahead, and all the general planning which must now be a priority.

I can be proud to say I have done everything possibly to recruit, promote youth, make the best decisions in the interest of the club, both list wise, and commercially, whilst all the time based on long term sustainability and success and to maintain BFNCs presents in SFNL first Division.

I would be lying to say that the previous 3 years have not been draining, with restrictions, lockdowns, and just 12 games of footy played over the previous 2 seasons, making the decision easier. I thank all coaches namely Fordy, Hoges, Robbo, Liam, Whitey, Spencer and the committee for their support during this time.

Saying that, I have still thoroughly enjoyed all of my time in the role at BFNC, made life long great friends, and overseen the development of many young players now ready to step up to the challenge of leadership by taking the club forward into a long term, successful and sustainable future.

An example of this is that at Round 15 we have already played 51 players in our senior team and many of our juniors coming through the ranks will become pivotal to the Clubs future on field success. I have no doubt that there is not a club in the country that has blooded so much youth in such a short period.

My final words: “The club is bigger than any player, coach, committee person, member or supporter. It is the club that we should all be thankful for giving us the opportunities to create the friendships and memories. Remember that you are never doing the club a favour but that the club is doing you a favour so as a member, help when you can”.

I wish the club and my successor, whether it be from within or the outside, (many more than capable) only the best and look forward to seeing a few premierships in September.

Peter Pirera.

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