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Luke Nankervis: 2021 Draftee

To watch some of Luke's highlights in the NAB league so far you can look here:

To read Lukes player profile from the Sandringham dragons you can look here:



By: Declan Reeve

Splitting his time between the forward line and midfield, Nankervis Stood out with his ability to keep his hands free through traffic, or when being tackled, to get a handball off to a teammate and keep Sandringham moving with the ball. Bringing a creative spark around goals in the second half, he kicked two highlight reel worthy goals, using the wind to his advantage to get them from tricky spots along the boundary. When he was given his opportunity on the inside he looked good, being clean below his knees and maintaining that cleanliness through traffic.


By: Ed Pascoe

Although not prolific, Nankervis certainly showed some exciting traits that should see him come into draft consideration as the year goes on, as the lightly built medium forward impressed with his speed and skill. Nankervis looked a threat in the air and at ground level which was a similar trait shared with teammate Blake Howes. Nankervis was very agile at ground level and looked quick in transition, not just with the ball but also when gliding across the ground to receive. Nankervis did well to kick his first goal in the second quarter when he snapped truly with a nice gather after his mark was spoiled. Nankervis only had the 10 disposals but took four marks and kicked 1.1 in a very promising first game at NAB League level.



Moorabbin Kingston Leader

“Young Lukey Nankervis would have been best-on in any normal game. But the game Sam Lewin played was out of this world, one of the best individual games I’ve ever seen.’’

Pirera joked of Lewin: “He knows nothing about footy. He just plays it very well’.’

Nankervis is a bright prospect with the Sandringham Dragons and is playing at Bentleigh while the NAB League Boys competition takes a break.

He made his debut last week and showed out against strong opposition.

“I don’t want to wrap him up too much but he’s got awareness like Robbie Flower had,’’ Pirera said.

“He draws players to him and actually lets them tackle him and he still gets his handball away. He’s got this awareness where he knows what’s coming from every angle. He gets a hard ball, he’s good on the inside, he’s good on the outside, he’s unbelievable in the air"

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