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Finals Match Reports


The development took on Cheltenham in an elimination final on Saturday in a do or die clash. On a beautiful day playing a superb ground the boys came ready and fired up. Unfortunately it didn’t translate in our start with Cheltenham kicking the first 3 goals of the game.

We slowly worked our way back into the game as it went along with the margin staying the same pretty much through out the whole game. The margin blew out in the last when we run out of legs with the final score ending up 10.12.72 to 5.4.34.

A disappointing finish to what was a turbulent but promising year. With Injuries all over the club affecting everyone I think we can hold our heads high knowing we gave it our all.

To add insult to injury, 200+ game club legend Scott Mortimer announced his retirement. One of the hardest workers and skilful players at the club his presence will be missed everywhere but hopefully he still sticks around the club. A disappoint send off but congratulations definitely in order, well done Morts!


Semi Final vs Sandown

Gorgeous day for football. As they say "If you can't play footy on a day like today, you just can't play footy"

Cracker game. Super physical. Our boys were bloody tough.

Injuries to star players everywhere, Rob Aitken , Aaron Johnson, Jacko Meredith, Ryan Nankervis, Liam Dimattina, Adam Jaedi and Declan Reeve.

We were pushed, tested, thumped and dumped. Every bloke stood up and took a fair beating and just kept going.

HUGE shoutout to our defence, Luke Wescombe , Jarrod Johnston, Nicholas Colin, Zach Patrick, Dylan Stephens and the skipper Lochie Kiely. Loved the effort all game, contesting, rebounding and just never giving up.

Cracking games from a number of blokes. Matt Hogan not only with 3 goals but plenty of strong overhead work and keeping the ball in the forward line. Jackson Byrnes became the man, when we needed him most. Cut them up with his run on the ball and dangerous down forward all game.

Jack Gava relentless in the ruck and around the ground, usually with 2 to 3 opponents against him. Jacko Meredith heroic effort with a serious ankle coming into the forward line to kick a goal and set up two others. James Caia strong again at half forward giving us a target. Week on week better each game. Jonty Ho and Adam Jaedi with a thankless task of having to follow a very good player and keep him quiet. Dylan Stephens just outstanding attack on the footy, absolutely brilliant. Liam Dimattina with the best looking crappy tumbler kick ever for a goal as the sealer.

So many good stories today, blokes just had a crack. You should all be super proud of yourselves.

Sandown 6.7.43 vs Bentleigh 8.9.57

Goals: Hogan 3, Dimattina 2, Caia, Meredith, Byrnes 1

Best: Wescombe, JJ, Gava, Byrnes, Stephens, Hogan

Great bloody win.

Into the Big Dance with a week off.

Think a LOT of the boys are going to appreciate the break.

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