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Bentleigh FNC Band Together for the TAC road safety round

This week the Southern Football Netball League is participating in the TAC and AFL Victoria road safety round. From the 16-18th of July clubs have been asked to band together by wearing a custom arm band. The armband represents commitment to eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the road. The SFNL have a long and proud history supporting the TAC and their community-based road safety campaigns including the highly successful ‘Towards Zero’ round in 2019.

The Bentleigh Football Netball Club have taken large strides in echoing the values of the transport accident commission. In an initiative led by women’s footballer, Mikayla Royal, the club has organised a road safety night for all members with an emphasis on younger players who may be new to the road. Mikayla expressed how eager the club was to remind young drivers about the importance of keeping distractions to a minimum, the importance of earning your 120 hours and the dangers of driving under the influence.

Over 70 players attended the road safety information session where the club presented a detailed talk on how to stay safe on the road. This talk included points such as Drink driving, drug driving, speeding, driving while distracted, completing your 120 hours and night-time driving. The club also encouraged players to check how safe their car on the page. At the end of the presentation Club trainer and FRV firefighter, Chris “Dizzy” Smith organised a FRV Road rescue crew to attend the evening with their fire truck to showcase their equipment they use in road accident rescues including the Jaws of life and the inflatable pillows, this is a “toolbox on wheels”. There was a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback from players and parents alike.

The Bentleigh FNC under nineteens program has grown Immensely under the coaching duo and Bentleigh stalwarts, Liam Dimattina and James White. With the assistance of Spencer Daly, Steve Hall, Sean Holmesby and an incredibly supportive off field staff the team has blossomed. The Under Nineteens playing group have been a strong influence on the club on and off the field and ensuring they are educated about how to stay safe on the road is of the utmost priority. Red P-platers are seven times more likely to be injured or killed driving at night than fully licensed drivers and the club has seen already seen two young players in car accidents this year, luckily none were fatal.

All members of the SFNL have an opportunity to get involved in this year’s road safety round, Bentleigh FNC is excited to have over 200 players run out and band together over the weekend. Thirds Netball captain, Taryn McGaw has long been a volunteer with the demons and praises the clubs’ efforts on bringing everyone together “The committee has always made an effort to get everyone involved and a cause like this is even more reason to jump on board. We all have someone to drive safely for and that is why we are all prepared to be safe on the road”.

The SFNL praise Bentleigh FNC and all our 38 clubs for taking part in the 2021 TAC ‘Band Together’ round to promote road safety and enhance their chances at securing $10,000 under the TAC Club Rewards program.

Because we all have someone to drive safely for.

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