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Here If You Need

The Bentleighs FNC "Here if you need" program exists to improve how BFNC community members feel about themselves and their game. At its heart, H.I.Y.N. aims to ensure that BFNC community members are safe, healthy, satisfied and engaged. It focuses on preventative action, to reduce the incidence of stress, injury and overwhelm.

Using this program we want to encourage people to keep an eye on themselves and their mates, we have resources available to everyone to help achieve this. Using these resources we want to help people focus on all aspects of their wellbeing.

Keeping these topics in focus provides expert perspectives on the what, why, when and how of our health and the deeper issues to those who need it.

Here if You Need

If you need immediate help contact life line or 000

Mental Health Services

Start by seeing your GP. The Better Access Scheme provides a Medicare Rebate for people with to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. In order to take advantage of the scheme, the person seeking treatment needs to first see their GP to develop a Mental Health Treatment Plan which is a document the GP and patient work on together. It includes an assessment of mood, specific life difficulties and goals which may be achieveable within a set period of time. Up to 10 individual sessions per year can be subsidised by the Medicare Scheme.

If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 

Mental Health Services
Injury Management

The club has partnered with Sandringham Sports Physio. The expert team at SSP are well equipped to manage your AFL related injuries. We have worked with the Sandringham Football Club since 1991, and have ties with local football and netball clubs. Their experience has led to the development of comprehensive rehabilitation programs that are used throughout the clinic, with the focus on accurate diagnosis and complete rehabilitation from beginning to end.

AFL players and netballers have particular requirements and are susceptible to various injuries due to the nature of the sports, which involves tackling, running, kicking, marking and handballing or lots of jarring stop/start movement.

Physiotherapists at SSP will provide a detailed assessment of your injury. You will be given a Diagnosis and Management Plan moving forwards, as well as guidelines and recommendations for imminent games/trainings. Most importantly you will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan addressing both the injury and reasons why it occurred. Preventative measures will be provided to you, which might include specific exercises for you and your injury management.

All injured players are required to be at training on Thursday nights to be assessed by the club physio or trainer and given a rehab program. If it is necessary, you may be directed to make an appointment with the physio to further treat your injury.

Injury Managment
Player Insurance

Basic player insurance is provided through Marsh when players register. The Personal Injury cover starts at a standard level called Bronze. 

Benefits on non-Medicare Medical costs includes:

- 50% Reimbursement

- $2,000 max. per claim

- $100 excess per claim

It is important to note that the benefits stop as soon as you start playing again. Click here for more information and links to make a claim.

Ambulance Cover

BFNC strongly encourages all players to get Ambulance Cover. Ambulance Victoria Cover is affordable and costs less than $50 a year for singles. The average cost of an emergency transport is more than $1100​. Private Health Insurance may not cover you. Many Private Health Funds have significant limitations, exclusions or caps to ambulance cover. Visit their website to join.

Player Insurance
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