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We want to enhance your current level of athletic ability, support your potential to improve upon your skills, and your commitment to your game. Be honest in how you want to play, establish appropriate goals, and you will be more likely to succeed in your goal of success with Bentleigh Football Netball Club.


Your sport shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in your choice of club. If you join a club and don’t enjoy the atmosphere or culture, the game loses its value. We want you too join us so that we can support you on and off the field and push you to achieve your personal goals.


We want to invite aspiring Bentleigh players to visit the club rooms, meet potential coaches and teammates, and explore the community in the surrounding area. With more than 65 years of experience as a sporting organisation, the BFNC team has developed a formula for maintaining the important sporting-social balance that proves to support the wellbeing of all Bentleigh athletes.

You are essential to clubs growth and sustainability; all new recruits help diversify and broaden the skill set of our teams.


We know that there could be reasons stopping you from registering.

These reasons could include:

• Lack of knowledge on how to play

• Lack of time with school, work or other sport commitments

• Registration is too expensive

• Friends play other sports

• People don’t want to give up weekends to play AFL


Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re supported, trained, molded and tested. We’ve been a competitive force in the South Metro area. We hone raw talent to maturity with quality coaching, primal workouts and a true love of the sport. Teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship - those are the hallmarks of Bentleigh Football Netball Club.


This season shapes as one of optimism and excitement as the senior side look to surge a return to the finals. With a healthy and strong playing list, a revamped coaching structure and football/netball department there is plenty to look forward to as a Demon.


The under 19’s continue to emerge with strong numbers, the women’s football program is prospering and netball is as strong as ever meaning again we will field another 3 teams. With strong numbers and talent coming through the ranks of the Bentleigh Junior Football Club and our new partnership with Omega Junior Netball Club the future of our club has never looked brighter.

The committee supports all the coaches 100% and believes stability, patience, structure and loyalty is integral to continued success and sustainability for the new season. As a sporting organization we have a structured plan on and off the field and have total faith in our coaches and playing members.


We have made player wellbeing a priority, all club members now have access to the BFNC player wellbeing platfrom. Using this page we want to encourage people to keep an eye on themselves and their mates, we have resources available to everyone to help achieve this.


In correlation with this we have established the "Here if you need" program. At its heart, H.I.Y.N. aims to ensure that BFNC community members are safe, healthy, satisfied and engaged. It focuses on preventative action, to reduce the incidence of stress, injury and overwhelm.


We are the envy of many clubs, and we have a wonderful opportunity to enter into a golden era for our sporting club.




We maintain a strong relationship with our sponsors and the greater bentleigh community, this helps us provide great work opportunities to people like you

We can help you learn about the future outlook, pay, main tasks, and physical and other demands of careers that interest you. Find out about the skills, knowledge, and abilities you may need to get and keep a job. If you are not sure what sort or work you want to do or are considering a career change, our sponsors can help you to think about your work preferences and to get ideas for careers you can aim for.


1. Specialising Stage (17-18 years)

Objective: developing higher-level skills of the game and

physical capacities.

Optimise the development of fitness capacities and individual, ositional, team and competition skills. For talented players, selection into state and national talent development programs, including the AIS-AFL Academy, continues. This includes the provision of an optimum competition program for player development that also provides opportunities to be drafted to the AFL. e.g. TAC Cup or state league competition.

2. Investment Stage (19-22 years)

Objective: complete development of all higher-level skills and capacities required for optimum performance.

This is the final stage of development, where the focus of the training in on completing a player’s development and optimising performance. For talented players, the refinement of physical, technical, tactical, mental and ancillary capacities is completed in the professional club environment.

3. Maintenance Stage (23-30+ years)

Objective: maintaining and maximising performance.

The players’ physical, technical, tactical, mental and ancillary capacities are fully developed. The program is focused on competition and the training is aimed at optimising performance. Training is characterised by high intensity, relatively high volume and regular preventative breaks.

4. Retirement and transition stage (individual)

Objective: a successful transition from being a professional athlete to another productive role in life, including opportunities to remain in the sport.

This is the end of the high-performance competition stage, when players retire and move to other levels of competition or other roles, or out of football altogether. Continued physical activity is encouraged.


Bentleigh Reserve adjoins Hodgson Reserve to the south (often referred to as Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve) and together they offer a sprawling, open space for locals to walk, run and play.


The sportsground at Bentleigh Reserve is primarily used for turf cricket and football, with cricket training nets open for public use. This ground is also nestled closely to the facilities occupied by Bentleigh Recreation Tennis Club and Bentleigh Bowling Club.


Home to Bentleigh JFC, King George Pavillion was recently refurbished to develop female friendly facilities at the Reserve. With record numbers of people registering to play community sport and a surge of interest by women and girls,

footballers can play the game they love with grounds and facilities that are new and improved.


We also have recently installed a brand new scoreboard and lights. $150,000 was invested to upgrade lighting at Bentleigh Recreation Reserve to enable greater usage of the grounds later in the day and throughout the year.


We have now installed a new and state of the art electronic scoreboard. Our new electronic scoreboard employ the latest technology and software to create scoreboards that will make our club’s players, members, and sponsors proud.


With these capabilities, we have turned our club into a dazzling arena that is sure to draw fans and locals. It is more important than ever for clubs to brighten the community spirit, what better way to do this than to enhance the venue you play at.


We believe in diversity, inclusion,

and accepting athletes at every level of the sport. We believe that our club mission is delivered first through our coaches and echoed by our athletes. We believe that we live our mission on and off the field of competition, resonating into the homes and classrooms of the athletes we cultivate.


Our Mission

We exist to engage and empower athlete with the essential skills, tools, and information to lead productive and healthy lifestyles through participation in sport.


Our Club

Our club exist to cultivate healthy teams for all Netballers and Footballers regardless of experience, size, gender, speed or strength. There is a place for everyone at our club.

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