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Women’s practice game in review

Practice Game in Review

Opposition: Waverley Blues

Date: 30/3/2019

Ground: Jordan Reserve Chadstone

The skies were grey, the rain had been coming down all night and in the morning.

Our preparation was not ideal for our practice match against the Waverley Blues.

Although our list is healthy only 16 players were available for the practice match

and Noosh was a late scratching due to health, so we went in with 15 players.

The message from the coaches was to have fun and use the game to get to know

each other and to learn about ourselves and our team mates. In relation to the

game and strategy we were much better prepared for this practice match as we

had been training for it. Our focus was to carry the ball, resist temptation to panic

and get rid of the ball because of perceived pressure, take the game on and to

spread with handball and release to running line breakers.

It was raining on and off leading to game time, we had no club rooms but that

didn’t seem to stress us, we had our warm up and we gave individual instructions

to players, we discussed where they were playing and how to approach the game.

We got together as a group and gave our instructions and we were right to go.

The umpires whistle blew to start the game!

The ball went up and so did Shannon in the ruck and Lily got her hands the ball

and blasted out of the center kicking it deep into the forward line where Nat

made a contest and Emily roved the ball like Cyril and kicked a brilliant running

goal that went right through the big sticks. It was the best start we would have

hoped for and the opposition crowd were silenced.

As the quarter continued, we dominated play around the ground and the

opposition were finding it hard to get the ball. Our midfield was dominating, and

our forwards were performing well but the only downside was that the

scoreboard was not showing our dominance.

We were in great positions to kick more goals but had a few misses and didn’t

make the most of our chances. The defense did not have to do much but when

called on were able to gain control and get us moving in the right direction again.

Quarter time score Bentleigh 1.4.10 Waverley 0.0.0

It was a pleasing start, but we now had to hold them in which we thought was the

scoring end. The rain kept coming and going and the conditions were difficult, but

we took off where we finished in the 1

st quarter.

Lily, Emma and Christa were having a major impact on the game and Shannon was

in total control in the ruck. Zoe and Nat were combining well and providing us

good targets in the forward line and Jordy and Erin were having great games in

the half forward line. Emily was looking dangerous deep in the forward line and

our half back line was holding strong lead by Rhiannan, Tara and Jules. Grace and

Dani were holding their opponents and we needed to get Radlow into the game

who was watching the game from full back.

After narrow misses by Lily and Erin Emma finally kicked our 2nd goal for the day.

Late in the 2nd quarter moves were being made in the coach’s box to get some of

our backline players in the game, Zoe finished the 1st half with a great mark which

she capitalized with a goal. One of the highlights of the game came when Radlow

after a near miss kicked a great goal as she danced around her opposition and

slammed it through with her customary bullet helicopter kick.

We kept the opposition scoreless for the half and it was very apparent that we

were too strong for the opposition.

Scores at half time: Bentleigh 4.10.34 Waverley 0.0.0

We made a lot of changes at half time, due to leather poisoning Lily, Emma and

Christa were moved out of the midfield, Jules and Tara were moved in. We also

experimented with Emily and Erin having stints on the ball and Nat having a go in

the ruck and also to give Shannon a break. We shuffled the board and also

decided to give Rhiannan a chance to get a goal at Centre half forward.

The opposition came out after half time to try to get back in the game but

although they tried hard, they were no match for our girls.

Grace went down with a foot injury so we played most of the 2nd half a player

down but you would not have known it.

Radlow kicked her 2nd for the match in the 3rd quarter and the opposition finally

hit the scoreboard. The last highlight of the day came with Lily finishing off a great

day in the office with a brilliant snap shot that bounced and bounced through the

goals, Rhiannan tried so hard to get a boot on the ball to claim the goal but after a

couple of fresh air attempts the ball had already passed the line.

Although we were clearly the dominate team in the game credit to the opposition

who finished the game well kicking 2 goals in the last quarter.

Final Scores

Bentleigh 6.13.49 Waverley Blues 2.1.13

It is an exciting time for the women’s team as we get closer to the season start.

Lily, Emma and Christa in combination with Shannon really went well in the

middle. Jordy and Erin looked at home in the half forward line and Emily

continues to be one of the great improvers after a solid pre season. Zoe was

fantastic at center half forward and competed well and gave us a target and Nat

shows enormous potential. Our half backs were really strong and proved to be a

difficult barrier for the opposition to get passed lead by Rhiannon and well

supported by Jules and Tara and Grace and Dani stuck to their opponents like glue

and gave them nothing. Radlow showed she can do it at both ends kicking 2 goals

for the day which could easily have been 3 or 4.

What did we learn?

• Our handball and playing for one another improved significantly from our

first practice match.

• Shannon is like a Melbourne Cup stayer and can run all day and played a

great game.

• Lily, Christa and Emma are weapons.

• Zoe stamped herself as a genuine key forward.

• Rhiannan looked like a general at center half back.

• Every player contributed and that was the most pleasing aspect of the


• We have a lot of improvement but are on our way.

Things we need to improve on

• We need to find our voices, time after time we spoil each other or don’t use

each other because we fail to communicate with each other on the ground.

At one stage I was heard to say are we the Bentleigh Demons or the

Bentleigh Mutes.

• We need to capitalize on our chances, there is nothing more frustrating

that not getting the most out of our efforts, this is something we will work


• We took 17 marks for the game, with a running ability we need to aim for

at least double this number in a game, we need to kick with a purpose and

refrain from kicking without real intention.

• Finally positioning ourselves and always thinking how we can get an edge

on our opposition, this is something that will come with time but something

we need to continue to focus on.

Well done to all the players, our brand looked good and it looks like we are in for

an exciting season.

We will be back on our ground so we will have the space and sticks to do more.

Top 6 based on acts.

I spoke about this earlier so if you want feedback on your game and want to learn

more, we will be discussing this at training.

This is a system I use to assist players to have an awareness of their influence in a

game and to assist them to have a greater influence.

-Ozcan Ozaydin

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