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Women's football wrap up | Round 5

Senior Women’s Football

Bentleigh (00.00.000) Vs. Lyndale (15.08.98) | Barry Powell Reserve

Almost from the start of the game it was noticeable we were playing a team who were ready to go and had the talent and abilty to execute a game plan that we simply had no answer to. In an exhibition that made me think of wildlife documentaries they hunted us and the ball and were like Vultures feeding on the left overs as well punishing us on every occasion we made mistakes. They were very good however the gap between us and them was made to look greater because we were as poor as I have ever seen us be. You give a good team an inch and they will take a mile. We were out played in everyway possible, out positioned, out manoeuvred, mentally, physically, footy game intelligence and especially in skill. We could not handle the conditions nor the opponents who rampaged their way having 10 shots at goal that scored and another few that completely missed scoring.

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