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Women's football wrap up | Round 4

Senior Women’s Football

Bentleigh (01.05.11) Vs. Endeavour Hills (08.13.61) | King George Reserve

Due to a broken finger in the dying stages of the game against Murrumbeena Zoe Reed was unavailable and joined Lily Fitzpatrick in the sidelines. Maddi and Miki missed out in being selected and Sarah Radlow was not avilable due to illness. We were to go into the game with 22 players however Jordy was a late omission due to concussion precaution due to a head clash which shortened her game against Murrumbeena so we went into the game with 21 players. Stacey Conway returned for her 1st game in 2021 and Erin was back from injury from practice game against Clayton. Rhi our ever reliable full back was back after being unnavailable to play the week prior. It was a cold morning and it was an early start due to ladies day with the game being held at King George at 9am.

Ulimately the game played out and slowly but surely they started to get the better of us and until the last 5 or so mintes of the game we were only 30 something points areer but the margin blew out to 50 points by the time the siren sounded. We had a couple of good looks again in the last quarter with opportunities to Christa, Emily and others in the forward line which we werent able to capatalize on but credit where its due Endevour Hills were the better team on the day. They kicked 3 goals 3 behinds to us managing 2 points only in the last term. The only real dissapointment was the 2 junk time goals they kicked which is when I think all our minds went from the game to the ladies day function which was to commence a couple of hours later.

Shannon played a very solid 4 quarter game and our defence was held together by Alison and Rhi. Tilly worked hard all day and although Emma's numbers were down compared to first 3 games no one could doubt her effort. Liv again showed she has the makings of becoming a very good footballer by ammassing 13 hard earned kicks. Christa with limited opportunities this week could still easily have kicked 3 and played well under the circumstances and Jacquie was very competitive. In recent weeks you have heard me talking about the importance of what you do when the ball is not in your hand and the importance of intent and Steph's game is testament to what I have been saying. She showed a lot of courage and determination in tagging a very good opponent and can walk away from the game proud of her efforts. Edith and Grace again showed their competitiveness and will for the contest by each contributing to 10 acts.

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