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Women’s Football wrap up | Round 2

Senior Women’s Football

Bentleigh (05.04.34) Vs. Clayton (05.06.36) | Bentleigh Reserve

Our round 2 grading game was to be against Clayton who we got to see in a practice match a few weeks earlier. We expected the game to be close but at the same time went into the game quietly confident we could get the job done even through we were going to be without Lily who was injured, Jacquie and Nicole who were late scratchings due illness and Alicia who was unavailable to play. Alyce and Maddi made their debut for Bentleigh playing their 1st games of football. It was a beautiful night for football with no real wind advantage so ideal for a high skilled game of footy.

Taz played her best game especially in the way she approached the game, she is small in stature and lightly framed but played with intensity and as her tackles and % acts show she had intent and a willingness to do all the hard things and played fearlessly. She got tackled hard on numerous occasions, was caught holding the ball when trying to take the game on during various stages but persisted and really showed a lot of heart and character. We were very proud of her efforts.

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