Women’s Football wrap up | Practice Match

We went to Clayton with 14 players knowing we were going to be up against it and as Jason and I got there we saw the opposition who looked like they had their full list preparing for the game.

We negotiated with the opposition to have 2 players per quarter play for us to have 16 playing.

Although our team went out knowing we were up against it we started strong and were matching Clayton goal for goal for the first half.

The only time Clayton got on top was when in a 5 to 10 minute patch in the 3rd quarter Erin went down a after kicking a fantastic goal and then Nicole very soon after went down with a thigh injury.

Clayton loaned us 3 players in the last quarter as Taz had to leave at the end of the 3rd quarter and early in the last quarter Alyse also suffered a shoulder injury which saw our bench look like the bunker of wounded soldiers.

What sounds like a day of disaster could not be further from the truth. Jason and I could not have been any prouder of our team. Even in the latter quarter we matched Clayton even when our resources were completely depleted. The teams will to keep giving against the odds was a testament to all who contested in the game. The performance of the team was truly remarkable. To be outscored only by 4 to 5 goals through the entire game was an unbelievable effort.

I walked off the ground extremely proud of the team as they served it up to the opposition when most teams would have dropped their heads and surrendered, a truly inspiring effort. Well done to all the players.

The game was pleasing in so many aspects, some of our passages of play through the game showed we are definitely on the right path.