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Women's Football Grading Rounds and Policies Released

This season we will have a total of sixteen teams entered from 13 Member Clubs -

  • Bentleigh

  • Skye

  • South Yarra

  • Endeavour Hills x2

  • Frankston Dolphins

  • Hallam

  • Mordialloc

  • Murrumbeena

  • Lyndale x2

  • Casey Thunder x2

  • St Paul's McKinnon

  • East Brighton

  • Clayton

Please note, the League will immediately re-fixture the competition at the conclusion of the first 4 Rounds with a Division 1 and Division 2. As per the attached grading policy, the objective here is to (a) place teams in competitions that are as equally matched as possible and (b) provide the best opportunities for players to develop and display their skills.


Southern Football Netball League Football Grading Policy & Processes

February 2021

Grading (including re-grading after round three) of teams in an appropriate SFNL football competition shall be aimed at building and establishing a level of competitiveness and predictability amongst all competing teams.

Grading may occur if there are enough teams to field two or more divisions in the Women’s, Under 19’s or Thirds football competitions. Grading shall be at the absolute discretion of the League, and so far, as is practical shall be in accordance with this policy.

Policy Review

This Policy shall be reviewed by the League annually after its introduction. The review should take into consideration the previous season or seasons of results, grading and feedback from Clubs.


The objective of grading and regrading teams is to –

  1. Teams fielded in competitions are as equally matched as possible; and

  2. Provide the best opportunities for players to develop and display their skills.

General Principles

In the application of grading and re-grading football competitions, the League will be

guided by the following principles -

  • Preferably all competitions will have no less than six (6) and no more than twelve (12) teams;

  • Byes will be avoided whenever possible;

  • Clubs with two (2) teams will compete in opposing Divisions; and

  • Note the impact that late withdrawals can have.

Considerations for Regrading

  1. Match results of previous season (promotion of Premiers and relegation of bottom team from each division);

  2. Match results of current season (first four [4] rounds of grading);

  3. The history of team’s performance across previous season(s);

  4. The Club’s grading request for the upcoming season (if applicable);

  5. Club’s history of grading requests across previous season(s);

  6. The disruption that may be caused to current and/or proposed competition;

  7. Any additional information requested by the League, including but not limited to feedback from opposition Clubs.


Initial grading of applicable football teams shall be on the based on the previous season’s results.

The following principles will apply:

  1. Teams that won the Premiership shall automatically be graded into a higher division;

  2. Teams that finish on the bottom of the ladder shall automatically be graded into a lower division;

  3. New teams will be allocated a division in consultation with the League; and

  4. Clubs will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the initial gradings prior to them being finalised for the start of the season.


Following the conclusion of round 4 -

  1. A club may submit a request for a team to be moved into another division;

  2. In addition, the League, may at its absolute discretion, make the decision to regrade any team regardless of whether a request for such has been received.

Results and Ladders

If applicable, there will be four (4) grading games at the beginning of the season. Scores shall be entered with the winning team receiving 4 points for a win, 0 points for a loss and 2 points for a draw. Percentage is to be given.

In a competition involving an uneven number of Byes for competing teams, the League shall also prepare a match ratio which reflects the number of wins by each team against the number of matches played by each team as per Football Competition Regulation 13.

In Season

The League shall immediately re-fixture the divisions affected by any grading adjustments.

Re-grading will take place after Round 4 and will take affect from Round 5 and beyond.

Grading decisions are final.

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