The Nineteens are ready, bring on 4041!

To all Under 19’s and the broader Bentleigh Family,

After the recent stage 3 lockdown due to the spike in positive Covid-19 cases, it is clear now we will not be playing out a season in 2020. On behalf of everyone at Bentleigh, I would like to thank the SFNL for their tireless efforts in doing all they could to provide us the opportunity to play. Even when the senior seasons were cancelled across the state, the league still looked into the opportunity to push the Under 19s through, highlighting their care and understanding for the importance of youth-aged football participation, and for that, we pass on our gratitude to the board and staff at the SFNL.

Although we never got the opportunity to play, there has been so much work put in by so many to prepare us to play and get us through the past 9 months of training. Unfortunately, we cannot celebrate or acknowledge all these efforts in person right now, we will as soon as the opportunity arises, but for now, as coach, I would like to make the following acknowledgements and announcements.

A huge thanks to my assistant coaches. James White and Ben Cooper. For all their efforts, contribution, and time they have given up helping develop each and every player on our list. To Paul Nankervis, a massive thank you for stepping up and accepting the challenge of coaching our 2nd side. Your optimism, patience, and commitment to development for both players and coaches has been a huge asset to all of us.

To our support staff, volunteers are the lifeblood of football clubs and we cannot survive without you.

Dizzy Smith – Dizzy’s commitment to all of us, his professionalism as head trainer and his ability to help build our culture, we can’t thank you enough palza. Your work in player welfare is much appreciated.

Stephen Black - Where would we be without Blacky? Each and every session, Blacky is there on time, with all of our equipment. We couldn’t do it without you Blacky and we thank you for all your support and time.