The Garry Matlock Story

By Andrew Paloczi

Garry Matlock’s contribution to Bentleigh Football Netball Club has long been recognised, and it is fitting that his devotion is now being rewarded with induction into the SFNL Hall of Fame.

Matlock started playing at Bentleigh the year he turned 21, and by the end of that season he was one of many youngsters in a senior premiership side.

He reflects on his memories at the time.

"To win a premiership in the first year was fantastic. I thought, how easy is this. But I can tell you what. That was 1968. Bentleigh seniors never won a Grand Final again until 1990," Matlock said.

However, Matlock played in three reserves premierships.

Despite the lack of a second taste of the ultimate success as a senior player, Matlock’s passion for the club has never wavered.

He went on to play 283 games for Bentleigh in a career that did not end until 1988, and was the first to reach the 250 game milestone for the club.

Matlock was a versatile player, spending time at centre half back, centre half forward and full forward, and finished with 315 goals to his name.

He says he was “a fairly defensive type player”, but was able to take a mark so fitted in well in the forward line too.

When needed, Matlock helped out in the ruck, although he was not quite tall enough to be the main ruckman.

During his onfield career, Matlock was twice recognised as Bentleigh’s most consistent player.

He explains that for