Spotlight on Taryn McGaw

Taryn Mcgaw is a current AFLW and Netball player for Bentleigh Football and Netball club.

She's played 41 games for Bentleigh and kicked 4 goals, whilst being an amazing volunteer and has been largely involved in the running of multiple functions.

McGaw was born in Bentleigh in 98’ and has lived in the area since. She quickly took interest in sport but felt at home when she began playing Netball in Grade Six.

“I was into sport was never great at it, it took me till grade 6 to start netball, in high school I played a lot of sport but was never was great at it but enjoyed it.”

After graduating she started her football career at Bentleigh Football Netball Club. The McGaw family ties run deep through BFNC, her cousins Madison and Jess also joined the demons with her uncle coaching the inaugural women’s team in 2017.

She didn’t take to the sport immediately but loved the atmosphere of the family club. “I really enjoyed football but wasn’t the best at it, I was scared of the ball and mostly ran away from it instead of going for it”

Taryn also began playing netball for Bentleigh in 2018 to delve even further into the Bentleigh community.

Taryn completed a commercial cookery course at the end of 2018 all to do with becoming a chef however, her interest has always been more in the nutrition side of things. Currently she worlds as a care coordinator at a local caring agency which is her current focus.

The two sports have tied together well, assisting in developing the mental strength of athletes, a perfect example of this is Taryns increase in skill and passion for both sports “You need to have good mental strength especially with footy due to tackling, if u have the mindset of being scared, you can get hurt that's when your going to run into trouble”

Taryn holds fitness as one of the best traits an athlete can have in any sport, this year with a strong focus on her athletic ability and strength she excelled in her speed and ability to put pressure on the ball. Though her skills are still a high priority her fitness has proven to be her biggest weapon on the court.

Though a passion for both sports now runs deep her love of the club. Bentleigh is a very community oriented sporting group with a high focus on helping their team mates and the greater Bentleigh community.

“if I need anything everyone’s willi