Southern coach calls for player loyalty ahead of salary cap cuts

How big an impact reduced match payments will have on local footy remains unclear but it’s a big talking point around the traps, with one Southern league coach urging players to put the jumper ahead of the dollar.

Paul Amy, Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader Subscriber only | July 10, 2020 11:00am

Bentleigh club Peter Pirera is looking for loyalty from players ahead of salary cap cuts.

Put the jumper ahead of the dollar.

That’s the message to Southern league players from Bentleigh coach Peter Pirera ahead of reduced salary caps in 2021.

Like all metropolitan leagues, the SFNL first division will have a payments ceiling of $100,000 next year, down from what would have been $150,000 this year. Division 2 will be $80,000, Division 3 $60,000 and Division 4 $40,000.

Pirera said some Southern clubs would have to make adjustments to fit under the cap next year.

He said they could “only hope’’ players would accept the situation and be prepared to play for less money.

“We all want to lock our players in, especially the clubs with good lists, and we’re one of those … and I think it’s going to come back to the players,’’ Pirera said.

“It’s going to have an impact but none of us knows how serious the impact will be.

“It’s not just Bentleigh footy club, it’s the Eastern league, the Essendon District league, all of the leagues, and it’s going to come back to club loyalty and how much these guys want to play for the club that’s looked after them for God knows how many years. You can only hope they understand that.’’