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SFNL HALL OF FAME - Garry Matlock

• 283 Games/315 Goals for Bentleigh Football Club 1968-88

• First Bentleigh Player to play 250 Games

• Bentleigh Football Club Senior Premiership Player 1968

• Bentleigh Football Club Reserve Premiership Player x 3 1978, 1981-82

• Bentleigh Football Club President 1980-92, 2009-15

• Bentleigh Football Club Secretary 1993

• Bentleigh Football Club General Manager 1995-98

• Bentleigh Football Club Inaugural Member of Hall of Fame 1993

• Bentleigh Football Club Most Consistent Player x 3 1974, 1979, 1981

• Bentleigh Football Club Best Club Person x 3 1980, 1987, 2010

• Bentleigh Football Club Life Member 1979

Garry Matlock’s contribution to Bentleigh Football Netball Club has been rewarded with induction into the SFNL Hall of Fame. Matlock started playing at Bentleigh the year he turned 21, and by the end of that season he was one of many youngsters in a senior premiership side.

"To win a premiership in the first year was fantastic. I thought, how easy is this. But I can tell you what. That was 1968. Bentleigh seniors never won a Grand Final again until 1990," Matlock said. However, Matlock played in three reserves premierships.

Despite the lack of a second taste of the ultimate success as a senior player, Matlock’s passion for the club has never wavered. He went on to play 283 games for Bentleigh in a career that did not end until 1988, and was the first to reach the 250- game milestone for the club.

Matlock was a versatile player, spending time at centre half back, centre half forward and full forward, and finished with 315 goals to his name.

He even made a comeback in the Bentleigh reserves at the age of 50 when the team was short of players. Unsurprisingly, it was not a successful comeback, but the fact he was out there reflects the clubman he is.

Such is the regard in which Matlock is held he is an inaugural member of Bentleigh Football Club’s Hall of Fame in 1993. He took on the role of club President in 1980, combining it with being a player, before continuing in the position after his retirement from the field.

During his presidency, he initiated a partnership with Bentleigh Junior Football Club, resulting in the formation of Bentleigh Football Club Under 17s and Under 18s. Matlock was President until the end of 1992, and recalls the excitement and the sense of achievement when the club broke its senior premiership drought.

“In 1990 we won the seniors and reserves premierships and a lot of those players had come through from the Bentleigh Junior Football Club,” he said.

When Matlock finished his term as President, he did not walk away from responsibility at Bentleigh. Instead he became the club’s Secretary for the 1993 season. He has also been Team Manager, Vice President, and General Manager, before assuming the presidency again in 2009.

This second stint as President began after Bentleigh had moved from the SFL to the VAFA, and Matlock helped guide the club through some difficult times. He believed it was in the club’s long-term interest to return to the SFL and played a key part in bringing this about. Matlock remained as club President until the end of the 2015 season, but is still involved at Bentleigh Football Netball Club.

If it was not for Matlock’s firm belief Bentleigh could succeed in the SFL, the club may never have returned from its time in the VAFA.

By Andrew Paloczi



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