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Seniors team ready for 2019

Pirera said the team would be more settled this year, but also less experienced given Steve Murray has gone back to Benalla, Chris Johnson has retired, and Brody Lawford and Barama Blow have switched to Clunes.

“We have a youth program at Bentleigh, as opposed to recruiting big names,’’ he said.

“OK, we’ve got Jed for a few games but overall we’ve recruited players who we think will give the club seven, eight, nine years of service.

“That’s been a big focus for us, because whatever we do we need to be able to sustain. We’re trying to be extremely competitive in first division but at the same time maintain sustainability and not get out of our depth in terms of what we commit to.’’

Bentleigh coach Peter Pirera works the huddle.

The additions include Ashley Di Ciero from Warragul, a midfielder and key position option; Joe Colaciello, a speedy and skilled onballer and forward from Gormandale; prolific goalkicker Corbin Sutherland from Yarram; and Jake Anderson, an inside midfielder also from Yarram.

Pirera said the club had spent “an incredible amount of time’’ developing its junior program, bringing the Under 17s into the club even though they were part of the Bentleigh juniors.

He said the Demons had a lot of Under 19s and Under 17s and “we’re hoping in the next couple of years we won’t need to recruit’’.

Pirera is making no bold claims about what Bentleigh can achieve this season.

A warm welcome to our new players making their Bentleigh Debut:

Jake Anderson Corey Barter Joseph Colaciello Ashley Di Ciero Max Figgins Harry Healey Ethan Lockyer Kade Murphy (welcome back) James Robertson (welcome back) Duncan Robertson Travis Rowley Corbin Sutherland Ben Taylor Brandon Turner

A big welcome to Harry Healey, Ethan Lockyer, Terry Bright and Corey Barter who are unavailable this weekend but will be making their debuts in the coming weeks

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