Senior Women's Coaching Announcement

The Bentleigh Football Netball Club regrets to announce that Senior Women's Football Coach, Ozcan "Ozzie" Ozaydin, is stepping down from the role. Ozzie has coached our women's team since 2019, including featuring in that year's finals series. Ozzie is a much loved member of the Bentleigh FNC community, and we look forward to seeing him around the club. We thank Ozzie for his contribution to the club, and wish him the best for the future!

Below are statements from Ozzie, and Shannon Matfin and Tara Supple, Senior Women's Co-Captains.

"Hello team

After careful consideration I hereby inform you that I will be stepping down as the womens coach of Bentleigh FNC.

My decision was a difficult one to make especially in consideration of the fact that I feel my time was cut short and I don’t feel my work was complete but due to personal, family and business reasons it is a decision that needed to be made.

When I was approached if I would consider coaching a womens team in 2018 it was something I never contemplated or envisaged however in reflection I am very grateful and proud of my association with the women team at Bentleigh. I have been converted from a sceptic to an ambassador for girls and womens football and womens sport in general. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a coach of our team and know I will look back at my time with you all with fondness.

First of all, I want to thank the club for the opportunity and the trust they showed me in appointing me as the coach for the team.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the players who have been a part of the team and my life over the last 3 years. When I reflect to the early days of my time and consider the influence, I personally feel my coaching has had on the team relating to football it makes me proud to see the improvements of o many players and the standard the team is capable of playing now. I look back at the sensational 2019 season where we skyrocketed up the ladder and put ourselves into a position where we were true contenders and if the stars had have aligned, we could easily have sealed the year with glory.

Unfortunately, the world has changed since then and life as we knew it was forever changed by Covid. After a solid preseason that set us up for what could have been a season to reflect on Covid entered our world. Our momentum was sadly interrupted when I felt we were ready to fire.

This year was a very difficult one in general and our lives with Covid abruptly ended our season once again. In one word it was a very frustrating season in general.

Due to injuries, players being unavailable and to a certain degree commitment and dedication or lack of from some which is difficult in the times we are forced to live in, we were not able to know where we truly sat but in certain games, we showed we were still able to compete with the benchmark teams. With our best possible side which we were not able to fie, I truly believe on our day we can compete with the best.

I have a firm belief that the group that has the ability and potential to be contenders but ability and potential mean n