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Round 7 Recap

Bentleigh 1s by Katherine Stanley (VC)

Coming off a disappointing loss last week, our team was fired up and ready to have a win against our opposition Clayton this week. Sarah Addis stepped in to coach us this week and we’d like to thank her for her coaching advice and help throughout the game.

The game was goal for goal almost the whole way through. Our team worked well together to support encourage each other. Trailing by only a few goals the entire game we were disappointed to have lost this game. We look forward to playing Clayton again later in the season for another competitive match.

Final scores: Clayton 42 defeated Bentleigh 38

Bentleigh 2s by Kaitlin Gilbert (C)

On Thursday night we made our way out to Lyndhurst and braved the cold for our game. Despite the wet weather, we were pumped up and ready to go. Going into this game we had a full team of 9!

Mid court was rotated around between Larissa, Taryn, Sinead, Bec, Kaitlin and Flynn. We were a bit timid on the wet courts to start off with but once we got going and found our confidence, we all worked tirelessly to bring the ball down to our awesome goalers - Rachael and Thalia who continue to work well together. Our goal defenders for the game were Ash, Bec and Flynn who which the umpires were a bit tough on at times, but they shook this off and continued to do their best.

The game was close throughout the night however in the last quarter, Lyndhurst came away with the win.

Final scores: Lyndhurst 41 defeated Bentleigh 29

Bentleigh 3s Megan Foley (C)

The thirds took on Lyndale this week for their second showdown this season. The girls were optimistic and hopeful to secure another win over Lyndale. It was fantastic to see so many Dee girls on the side (thank you Rika for sacrificing your sleep in) to support the thirds. Coach Rachael was of great assistant to the thirds and was able to provide some goaling insight to our goalers Sam and Mikayla. Deb was fierce this week with some successful interferences to hold our defensive side. Naomi and Mikayla were quick to rebound shots against Lyndale and bring the ball back down. The dees walked away with the milky bars by securing a strong 15-point win. The thirds are back and will be ready to take on Caulfield after the break. We would like to thank everyone for assisting us over the past few weeks which has been tough with an irregular team and multiple fill ins. We are so appreciative of everyone who has offered to help out and assist our team.

Final scores: Bentleigh 28 defeated Lyndale 13

Looking Ahead Round 8 games 15/06/19: Bentleigh 1s VS Heatherton 1:25pm Bentleigh 2s VS Doveton Eagles 12:00pm Bentleigh 3s VS Caulfield 2:50pm

Go Bentleigh!

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