Round 3 – Bentleigh vs. Endeavour Hills Football Club (1)

Round 3 – Match Report – Bentleigh vs. Endeavour Hills Football Club (1)

Played at Bentleigh Reserve

Match report

After a solid effort to start to commence our season we had a day full of fun celebrating women’s day and then prepared for our biggest test against last years runners up Endeavor Hills. Based on previous results East Brighton proved our form was reasonable however the Hills were looming as the early favorites for the flag. We went into the game confident feeling we would no doubt be competitive but could also cause an upset by beating them.

Our Wednesday session was in good spirits however we were sloppy. We were not as in tune as we have been and at times it was very frustrating. The Thursday session was better but again not ideal due to my work commitments making me late and a lot of players missing, many, with excuses but some without. Thanks to Deano for taking training until I arrived.

Heading into a potentially season defining game it was not an ideal lead up.

Team selection was difficult, but we made decisions that were based on our selection criteria.

Nush was left out due to work commitments, she had to leave just after half time so we decided it was best for her to not play, Emma Turner was available however she was not aware of team selections for Sandringham Dragons by our team selection on Thursday night so when teams were announced and she was available for us although we were tempted it was decided that availability for games must be notified by Thursday evening . Others missed out due unavailability and due to training attendance however the unluckiest player was Alicia who we decided would benefit the most from watching the game as she is new to the game.

Tilly and Sienna were to make their debut for Bentleigh and in football in general.

Our pre-game planning was also not ideal, again I was forced to come later than I wanted due to work commitments however many players also did not arrive on the time specified to be at games w