Round 1 – East Brighton vs. Bentleigh at Hurlingham Park

Grab a coffee or a stiff drink and take a seat to reflect on the game from Saturday night.

After a long preseason which seemed to go as long as the summer holidays went when you were in grade 1 we finally reached the day of our first game in season 2019. Our opponent was East Brighton who have been somewhat of a hoodoo side for us being beaten by them over the last few seasons.

Due to our strong numbers although six players were unavailable for selection (Shannon, Madi, Kristy, Paris, Tilly and Tegan) we also had to make the tough decision of resting Rhiannon due to a back injury, Sienna, Miki and Kathleen.

We travelled to Hurlingham Park with optimism however prior to the game we received the news that the Devil (Taz) was ill and could not get up to play. We had to put up with delays and mix up with club rooms, but our spirits remained good. As the game drew closer you could see some of the players were getting nervous as they were about to run out for their first game for Bentleigh. They were as Follows: Dani, Erin, Alicia, Rhiannah, Lauren, Stacey, Jaclyn, Grace, Nat and anyone else I may have missed.

The coach’s instruction was to play an attacking brand of football, to not crowd the ball and to keep them running. We felt confident of a good showing and after all the talk it was time for action.

The first quarter went exactly as we planned. The opposition showed they were highly competitive opponent, but we looked to have the answers. Although East Brighton drew first blood by kicking the first score for the game (1 Point) after a few minutes we got into gear when Nush and Catty combined with Catty kicking a great snap shot to post our first major of the game. Catty and Nush soon combined again to post our 2nd goal when Nush marked from a Catty kick and went back to put it through the big sticks. Zoe soon almost kicked our 3rd but had a near miss and then Catty who was purring almost scored her 2nd goal with a near miss of her own. We were looking good and we were in control of the game. Kallisi (Nush) was looking dangerous and almost kicked her 2nd for the quarter but we soon cleared away when Lightning (Lily) and Zizzle (Zoe) combined to post our 3rdfor the term with Zoe taking a great marking and kicking truly. Everything seemed to be going well but the quarter finished with disappointment with East Brighton rebounding with a late goalwhen Lauren tried valiantly to hold out 4 opponents and then with another near that would have made the scoreboard look a lot closer.

Scores at quarter time Bentleigh 3.3.21 to East Brighton 1.2.8

Lily was in everything with a 10-possession quarter and Nat started strongly in the ruck, we had winners all round and things looked good.

Our 2nd quarter looked promising when Nush marked from a Jordy kick but could only register a point. The ball was in our forward half for the first 5 or 6 minutes but then we let East Brighton in the game. We looked good from center onwards but started to look vulnerable in defense. The opposition duo of number 10 and 21 were starting to create havoc. Luckily for us they kicked 3 points in a row however inevitably they kicked their 2nd and soon after just missed getting their 3rd. Suddenly it was game on! On the rebound Christa and Erin combined with Catty who earned a free kick in front of goals and went back to post her 2nd. Late in the quarter in the dying seconds we allowed East Brighton back in when they kicked their 3rd with the last kick before the siren, this was not a good way to finish the half.

Scores at half time Bentleigh 4.4.28 to East Brighton 3.6.24