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Roge’s Remidy

Michael Rogers is one of Bentleigh’s best assets, not only on the field but in the club rooms. As Captain in 2019 he always made a conscious effort to keep the energy positive and constructive, both on and off the field. Encouraging players to back themselves and take risks, he is always pushing his team against the opposition with an attacking and relentless mentality. “Games aren’t won without taking risks”

Over the last two seasons, he has been successful in securing two SFNL Interleague jumpers, two podium finishes in the club B&F and SFNL Team of the Year selection in 2018.

The former Sandringham Dragon's work rate and determination is first-class. He admires the work of former BFNC President and current committee member Garry Matlock. Swanny has been around the club for over 50 years and his knowledge of the area proves it. “He’s been around the club for many years and always there to support us.”

Although he misses watching the bombers run out every week, Roge is passing time in self isolation reading a few books and keeping his mind and body fit. He is also currently completing an internship with WSP, in the structural engineering department.

From a family of 4, he has one older sister and has always lived with his mum and dad until recently he moved to a unit in Essendon with his girlfriend. His family have become a great part of the Bentleigh community, when asked about his go to karaoke song he said “I wouldn’t get a chance to sing anything, my mum would be up there first.”

Roge knows that a lot of our playing group would be overloaded with Covid-19 stresses. “It’s obviously a very challenging period that we’re all facing, not only as a nation; but globally. Hence, trying to maintain a positive outlook can serve to be challenging at times.” He is encouraging the BFNC community to stay in touch, players can keep each other engaged and motivated using their Facebook Groups. “It’s a great way to keep the morale high, and to really challenge each other to maintain all the fitness and hard work achieved over our pre-season.” He suggests that players maintain 3 running sessions a week to try and replicate the 2 nights of trainings a week and the game on the weekend.

I have a message for the players, the members of the committee, the coaches, the volunteers, the supporters and anyone involved with the Bentleigh Football Netball Club. We are all feeling the strain and suffering, in one way or another. Hence, I cannot stress enough how important it is that we know we’re not alone in this. We are all one family and we will fight through this as a family. In saying this, I want it to be known to everyone, that if there ever comes a time that you feel like you need to reach out to someone, please reach out to either myself or someone else in our footy/netball family. It is so important that we support each other through this time. - Michael Rogers

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