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Practice makes perfect for our girls

To summarise the game I thought we really came out running and were contesting and combining well with each other. We were looking dangerous in the forward line and were dominating in the centre. Our backline were also sticking to our task and making it hard for the opposition to score.

The opposition were a physical team who tried to assert their physical aggression and dominance to us but I was very impressed that we weren’t intimidated.

Our speed was very evident and ultimately Clayton were not able to handle our all round pace! All in all I feel we had the game under control from the start to the end and never really had to get out of 2nd or 3rd gear.

We ran out comfortable winners by 6 to 7 goals.

However although we are learning what it means to play for one another and to share the ball, we really had some impressive patches of play throughout the game we are still continuing to play without communicating. We all have voices but we play like we are a team of mutes, nothing against mutes but a major part of the game is verbal communication.

Calling to advise your team that you are in best position to mark.

Telling your team mate they are in best position to mark or they are clear.

Advising your team mate to go because you will block or shepherd for them.

Advising your team mate they are hot or they have time are such important communication instructions which makes such a huge difference.

There were many occasions where we had a 2 or 3 against 1 and we allowed the opposition player direct access to compete for the ball and there were times where we blocked a shepherded for each other but no one went for the ball. One player needs to get the ball for a block to be constructive.

Finally I understand individual confidence builds slowly but our reaction time when it’s time to go still needs to improve, when in doubt go and go hard not half hearted. Get the ball and be ok to make errors, you can’t stuff up if you don’t give yourself a chance to so I would prefer you to stuff up than watch.

All in all another solid effort by the team, we are continuing to improve and who knows what our potential is, that will be determined by you all as a group as the season goes.

What we learned from last weeks game.

We can take the hits as shown in particular by Zoe and Lily who copped brutal hits and got up.

Our forward line efficiency improved sharply with Nush and Zoe as our key forwards and who were supported well with the satellites around them.

Our midfield is developing into an awesome machine lead by Shannon, Lily and Emma.

We have some fantastic utilities in our team who can play various positions and roles if required, Jacque was awesome all day and Cat and Tara are true competitors no matter what position she plays

It was also good to see Kristy, Rhianna and Paris play their first games for the year, they played their role and will be better for the hit out.

Erin, Nat and Sienna are showing great potential and will only get better with games under their belt.

Rhiannon looks at home as the general in the back and Jules looked impressive at half back.

Good signs all round, this week we will continue our training in skills and game play and if possible I want an official intra club practice game so if you can make it please make yourself available next Wednesday.

Well done again to all that played and let’s prepare for round 1 to set our season alight.

-Ozcan Ozaydin

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