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Pocket Profile: Luke Morrison

What Junior club did you play for?

Bentleigh JFC

How do you feel you interact with & contribute to the club?

Im basically a piece of the furniture at the club. With my best years of on-field contribution behind me, I have made a real effort to step up my off-field contributions, especially boosting bar takings and trying get more smiles on peoples faces when possible! Love meeting all the new people that make their way down to Bentleigh each year and trying to make them feel welcome

What kind of game style do you take into matches?

footy smarts that comes from experience. still have the odd burst of speed, and love jagging a goal on the run

Tell us about your hobbies outside of playing at Bentleigh

love getting to the gym, and also love a sesh - so rather conflicting hobbies

how are you staying positive during the COVID-19 situation?

Just being more grateful for the things i do have, than worrying about the things out of my control.

Tell us about yourself! (Work, family, where you are from etc.)

Bentleigh through and through. Have lived in the area my whole life (except for a little break now over North-side), and have played juniors and snrs at Bentleigh since under 10s to now. Very fortunate to work in a Sales role for someone who offers Business Coaching in the fitness industry, which allows me a lot of flexibility, and is also associated with an industry that has done a lot for me over the last 5 or so years. Im a pretty easy going guy that doesnt get phased by much, and am always up for a drink, a chat and a laugh

What AFL or SSN team to you barrack for?


Have you got a message for the club?

My message would be a very simple one - stay positive, stay connected and be grateful for what you have. With a lot of crazy shit going on at the moment, and almost every message in the media being negatively-geared, it can be easy to get quite down and depressed about what's going on. Even i was flat for a good 5 day period after footy was suspended and the gyms were closed. Everything that we have been 'entitled' to for soo long now has really been flipped on its head, and its the things that we have taken for granted are becoming more and more evident. As i mentioned above, be grateful for what we have, and not stress about what has been taken away. For some people, the football/netball club is about being able to play a sport they love, but for others it might be an escape and be a place where they can feel included and a part of something special, when in their everyday life that might be missing. We need to make sure we stay connected as a club as best we can through this period, and even just a simple message or call can mean more to someone than you may realise.

Any advice for staying fit whilst we wait for the season to start?

best advise is to create a daily routine and stick to it! a lot of self-discipline is needed now you cant work out with other people, so selecting a time slot 2-3 times a week where you designate to doing some form of exercise to get the heart rate up will hold you in good shape. Its much easier to maintain fitness than it is to get it back - so put in the work now as best you can!

What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Well some of the boys have seen me belt out 'Tribute' on footy trip, but always partial to a Bon Jovi song too

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? How did you get it?

Mogga. It started back in primary school and slowly evolved from my surname Morrison. Moccasin (as in the slippers) -> Mocca -> Mogga (as best i remember it) fun story unfortunately lol.

What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

I plead the 5th....

What three things do you think of the most each day and why?

Food - apart from having a pretty sedentary job, Im a very active person so always hungry

The weekend - love letting loose..... and just to clarify, the weekend starts on Thursday night (everyone should already know this, and if you didnt, you're welcome)

Just random shit - usually ill have some random thought pop into my head when im out for my morning coffee walk, like can dogs understand multiple languages?

Who is someone you admire or work well with at Bentleigh FNC and why?

On the field, me and Fids always work well together. having played footy with each other since early junior days, both of us know what the other is thinking or going to do. Plus Fids loves giving me the ball - always helps the stats sheet hahaha

off the field, you cant go past years of experience, and thats what me and Robbo have put in together (before his family situation evolved hahaha). It is now duty to pass on my experience, knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation, to ensure that the hard work put in by those before me over the years is not lost.

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