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Love the game - Not the odds

While it's great that live sport is back on our screens, it's unfortunate that this is accompanied by an excessive level of sports betting advertising.

Gambling harm can happen to anyone and the return of sport after a significant break may lead to some people betting in a risky way or behaving inappropriately. We’ve seen this recently, for example, with gambling-related threats on social media.

We encourage partners to be mindful of the wellbeing of your club members and to share relevant Foundation content with them, such as how to block sports betting ads on your phone, via your social media and other channels. 

Vicsport has also compiled some useful resources for clubs, including a "return to play" checklist and information about business support packages available to eligible clubs. 

Like the sporting stars they mentor, coaches of elite Love the Game partner clubs are role models to the players and fans who look up to them.

When some of the best in the business tell us it’s important not only to look out for each other but to ask for help when we need it, we should pay attention.

"Loving the game is more than just taking the field, it's a holistic journey through a sporting club that embraces, teaches and encourages our kids to be better for their experience. At Bentleigh JFC we not only love the game, we love what the game gives to us. Odds isn't even in our vocabulary!" 

Paul Jemmeson, Bentleigh Junior Football Club

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