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Letter from the president


Players, members ,supporters, commercial partners and affiliates – On behalf of the committee of the BFNC I wish to inform you of the outcome of last night’s board meeting of the SFNL.  It was officially confirmed at that meeting that the 2020 Men’s Senior, Reserve and Thirds Grade football competitions, as well as the Senior Woman’s football competition, be cancelled.

In the light of the recent outbreaks and significantly increased number of positive COVID-19 cases recorded in Melbourne, it has become apparent that the health and safety risks have simply become too great to conduct any senior contact sporting competition in 2020.

The Board also resolved , to explore conducting the SFNL youth age, Under 19 competition and Netball in 2020, incompliance with the AFL Victoria Return to Play Protocols and State Government COVID-19 restrictions.

For the BFNC the health and well- being of our members and support staff has always been paramount, and at the forefront of our discussions.  The club also acknowledge it has a social responsibility in regards to the health and well-being of our community.  However even with our club reserving the right to choose whether to play or not previously, we always felt the overriding decision and responsibility lay with the SFNL board.   Thankfully last night the board resolved not to continue with the 2020 season. 

In sport business and life in general there is a word that epitomises growth success and strength, and that word is momentum.  It could be said that the BFNC had more to lose than most clubs in the region due to our enormous momentum leading into the season.  

With 54 under 19 players, 40 women footballers, 4 netball teams and a list of over 80 senior players ,it puts us at the forefront of one of the largest sporting clubs in the south east region.  This has not happened overnight and is a result of many years of planning hard work by hundreds of people, and a wonderful relationship and pathway with the BJFC.

As President I convey to all members that we once again can continue with this momentum and continue our rise to become a power club of the SNFL and South Eastern region.  We are the envy of many clubs, and we have a wonderful opportunity to enter into a golden era for our sporting club.  As frustrating and disappointing 2020 has been, I am confident as a group we will pick up where we left off and achieve our goals.  Potentially the under 19 and netball competitions will continue for the remainder of 2020 as will the BJFC.  If so let’s all get behind these entities and support them as much as possible. 

On behalf of the committee I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our players for their professionalism and loyalty, and all our training and support staff.  A big thank you to our coaches of all teams who have conducted themselves at all times in a professional mature manner showing terrific leadership and always putting the safety of the players and club first. 

To the committee and coterie group,  a huge thank you for your support, help, understanding and time through this very difficult period for us all at the BFNC ,and the broader community. 

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