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Ladies Day 2019

The Bentleigh ladies were in full swing on the weekend for their annual BFNC Ladies day. The room was filled with bright colours and lots of smiles as the theme for the day was "back to the 80s".

In some respects, the popular culture of the 1980s reflected the era's political conservatism. For many people, the symbol of the decade was the "yuppie": a baby boomer with a college education, a well-paying job and expensive taste. Many people derided yuppies for being self-centered and materialistic, and surveys of young urban professionals across the country showed that they were, indeed, more concerned with making money and buying consumer goods than their parents and grandparents had been.

The music that was played reminded us of bands like Duran Duran and Culture Club and megastar artists like Michael Jackson (1958-2009), whose elaborate "Thriller" video helped sell 600,000 albums in the five days after its first broadcast.

We also saw the 80s influenced fashion: Bentleigh girls did their best to copy the hairstyles and fashions they saw in music videos. In this way, artists like Madonna (1958-) became (and remain) fashion icons. We had our best dressed women's footballer Zoe Reed take out the crown for the day in her let's get physical number and teased hair.

There was a surprise visit from bentleighs own Maddie Gleeson talking about her amazing self made IAmBoard business, and a hilarious performance from Last years Robbie Williams who got all the ladies out of their seats and dancing.

The day was a huge success for all the ladies and for the club, a huge thank you to all the people behind the scenes who helped organised the event and made the day such a success.

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