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It's time to stay motivated!

It is normal to have flat periods during this time. It is ok to feel down, lethargic and even a bit sorry for yourself…so long as these are just ‘moments’ in time. The sun will rise again and we will be ready for it!

  1. Set SMART Goals:

  2. S = Specific – write down what you would like to achieve. It can be anything:  maybe to pass VCE, improve your goal shooting, 50 push ups in a set

  3. M = Measurable – take a baseline measure today (e.g.; max push ups) and test it at regular intervals to ensure you are on track

  4. A = Attainable – you must have the resources and time dedicated to the task, 50 push ups is attainable, 500 maybe not so much!

  5. R = Realistic - it has to be a realistic goal, we can’t all play in the National comp, but we can all play for BNFC 😊

  6. T = Timely – set a time limit to the task with measures along the way to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals

  7. Set Daily Tasks -  ‘Day Planner’ – one of the scary things right now is the uncertainty that exists. We all crave certainty and stability. Whether you use a note pad or iPad start your day by planning what you will do, a combination of things you have to do and want to do.  Set them up and literally-physically ‘cross them out’ once you have completed them. Crossing things of your ‘to do list’ is very satisfying and self-motivating. With so much uncertainty around us, a to do list is a great way to grab back some certainty and control of your day and life.

  8. Routine – establishing a regular routine again gives us an element of control. Start your day the same way, morning walk, smoothie, stretches  - and don’t forget those push ups 😊. But when you set your routine and script your daily or weekly planner  - and a big chart on the wall does help. Make sure you start by pencilling in the fun things you enjoy, along with the other things we have to do: study, stretch, train, breaks, relax

  9. ‘Me’ Time – this is important. When planning don’t forget about you! Its ok to have some selfish time each day, non structured where you choose what to do, coffee, chat, meditate, watch something trivial on TV. Just zone out (for a defined period of your day...not all day😊)

  10. Stay Social – maintain your social networks and connections. Reach out to a current or old friend as they may be struggling more than you. Make a difference in someone else’s day.

  11. Seek assistance if required – anxiety and flat periods are normal emotions. Sometimes talking things over with a mentor, parent, coach, family friend or heath professional is all you need to reassure you…’you are ok’ and you are not alone.

So in summary:

It is difficult to balance work, study, sport, friends, family – everyone finds that challenging.

Have goals and ambitions and map them out, write them down, draw them and even timeline them so our brain can see them clearly.

Where do you want to be in 1, 5 or 12 months’ time…but do not map your ambitions in a straight line  - there are no straight lines in nature. Mankind developed the straight line.

Bentleigh Football Netball Club still have our Covid-19 resources available which can be seen here:

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