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The Facilities Assistant Manager is responsible for the effective and efficient cleaning of the Bentleigh Reserve Pavilion, including but not limited to change rooms, main club rooms and toilets incorporating an effective waste disposal system.

The primary role of the Facilities Assistant is to maintain a high standard of cleaning, support services and to assist with meal and function clean-up/preparation and service throughout the organisation and its annexes.


- To ensure a clean, safe and hygienic environment is maintained to the required level at all times.

- Provide team support to other club areas dependant of activity to ensure.

- Follow task details specific to the work area in which you are allocated.

- Maintain all relevant documentation as required and determined by the area of work

Obligations, Safety & OHS

- Participate in the development of a safe and healthy club.

- Comply with instructions given for their own safety and health and that of others, in adhering to

safe work procedures.

- Co-operate with the committee in its fulfilment of its legislative obligations.

- Take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and health and that of others, and to abide by their duty of care.

- To report any injury, hazard or illness immediately, where practical to the facilities manager.

- Not place others at risk by any act or omission.

- Not wilfully or recklessly interfere with safety equipment.

For more details please contact Garry Morgan here: 0458 969 682

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