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Have an amaretto sour with Megan Foley

To kick off our Player Profile series we thought we would ask loyal netballer Megan Foley to tell us a little bit about herself.

Foley started her Netball career playing for the Kangaroos/Phantoms in her youth and her live for the game has grown since. Always an encouraging and motivating presence in the court Foley never fails to get the girls ready for a game. She calls herself the “Barking chihuahua of positivity” In the Netball teams, messaging girls prior to games and checking in with her team mates we can understand why she is so loved by everyone around the club.

Outside of the club you can catch Megan staying active with her Personal Trainer at JD Women’s Fitness or Running. Her passion for fitness runs deep into her enjoyment of other sports, Foley is an avid Vixens supporter and a dedicated Hawthorn supporter and is proud to admit it. “I like watching most sport to be honest and have found myself to be a bit of a cricket fan more recently.”

Megan is a Primary school teacher, she teaches prep students and has lived the majority of her life just around the corner in Mentone. The youngest one of her siblings it seems the sibling rivalry’s have prepared her well for a competitive sporting environment “I am the youngest of the fam and believe my many years of escaping head locks and WWE finishers from my brother prepared me for Netball.“ Along with #1 WAG TOM Backman she has just purchased her first home in Bonbeach.

One of her favourite places to be is Caufield race course, “I love to drink bubbles at Caulfield and will sing for an amaretto sour.” She is always quick to the dance floor, especially if it’s Shania Twain.

When asked how she is handling the current situation regarding COVID-19 she had some very wise words to pass on “Just staying calm and focusing on the things I can control. Also being grateful for the things I do have and my health. It's important to have a balance and switch off, I listen to a meditation podcast prior to bed so I don't carry the weight of it when I go to sleep.”

“Keep putting the hard yards in. As Michael Jordan once said "obstacles don't have to stop you". Keep grinding guys”

To keep active she recommends downloading couch to 5K or 10K. It has helped her running immensely. She also said keeping in touch with your team mates and holding them accountable is a great way to stay together.

Around the club Foley is a great team mate, a frequent supporter of our football teams and club functions. Also a strong admirer of her Netball Coaches, her praise of Steph Clegg and Olivia Scott demonstrate just how close our netball community is.

I guess we’ve only got one last question,

when will Tom buy her a dog?

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