Ergologic Advice

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Are you working from home, or do you have staff working from home through the current health crisis? Have you provided your staff with the best ergonomic advice and workstation set-up at home to reduce the risk of them developing aches and pains?

  • ErgoLogic can provide ‘remote’ training for you and your team to optimise home office set-up and reduce the risk of a workplace issue due to poor ergonomic set-up. Our training packages will empower the employee with knowledge and provide peace of mind for employers during this challenging time.

  • To give you a flavour of our training packages, please feel free to have a look at some sample slides

  • Prices start from as little as $25+GST per assessment.

  • For more information on our packages, or to request a quote, please contact us at

Monitor height and mouse position

As many of us are now working/studying from home – we have seen an influx of injuries caused by poor posture and ergonomics. So to help we’re putting together a series of small clips to show you how to set up the right ergonomics at home to help reduce strain while working or studying. This first clip covers the ideal monitor height and mouse position when working on a computer that you can put into practice right now. Watch the video HERE

Ideal arm and leg angles while working at a desk

It's all about angles! Let's take a closer look at the ideal positioning of your arms and legs while working or studying at your desk. This simple tip should help in avoiding long-term injuries like RSI in the elbows and wrists. Watch the video HERE

How to adjust office

Minimize the risk of injury by making these changes to your chair while working or studying. Quality ergonomic chairs are available for purchase online at Watch the video HERE