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Development and U19s Coaching announcement

Steve Hall, James Robertson and Andrew Pendlebury

Robbo as Head Coach and Andrew Pendlebury as Assistant Coach for the Development Team

as well as Steve Hall as part of the Under 19 Team as one of the assistants.

Robbo is a champion of the club and has a great repour with the playing group. He is also a Bentleigh person that the young players will be able to relate to. Robbo has been a constant at training this year, he is communicating and getting around the younger players that have been training. Robbo is a born leader and leads by example with his actions on the field.

Andrew is another champion of the club having been a club leader over several years. Pendle’s is a good communicator and a Bentleigh person that can instil the culture we are promoting as a club.

Pendle’s is a smart footballer that will offer Robbo great support from the bench on match day. Andrew isn’t playing this year, so he will be remaining involved in the club at the same time developing him as a future coach in the years to come.

In relation to Steve Hall has been appointed as the assistant coach for the Under19 second team. This will also allow Steve to be involved with training with the senior and Under 19 groups during the week as well as being around the group on match days.

Steve has a wealth of experience and has been a Bentleigh person for a long period of time which will be invaluable for Spencer as he is developing as a coach.

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