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COVID update | 27/05/21

To the Bentleigh Football Netball Club community,

As has been announced by the State Government, we are heading into a Statewide lockdown for 7 days from Midnight tonight.

At this stage all Football and Netball training has been cancelled until further notice. This weekends games have also been cancelled.

To keep the community active and connected Bentleigh FNC is hosting a Lockdown Stepathon! The Stepathon kicks off tomorrow and the person who has the most steps by Friday the 4th of June wins. Not only will the winner get Bragging Rights at the next training session but they will receive a Bentleigh scarf and Beanie!

How to join:

  1. Download the Pacer app

  2. Join the Challenge using the code: BND1400

  3. Allow the app access to your phones pedometer

  4. Challenge your mates and see you can get the most steps

You can also use this link:


  • Includes 24x7 pedometer activity

  • Only steps-based (and equivalent) activities accepted

  • Excludes cycling activities

  • Excludes manually recorded activity

  • Maximum of 30,000 steps per day

  • Challenge runs 28/05/2021 - 04/06/2021

Stay safe everyone and we will come back resuming play when we have more information as well as whether we can reschedule this round or not.

If you have any questions please contact your coach or team manager.

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