Club update with Swanny

As you would most likely be aware there has been no 2020 season for all of our football and netball teams. Apart from the loss of comradeship and enjoyment that this has brought about, our club has taken a serious hit to its it's bank balance.

Our revenue streams have almost dried up whilst we have continued to meet our financial commitments to the SFNL, the council and club officials. Although there have been no payments to players we have made reduced payments to our coaching and training staff who have been active at training since November 2019 until the final shutdown. Without hesitation the committee believed that we needed to reward the loyalty and hard work of each and everyone of them.

That we were able to meet our financial commitments is testimony to the diligence and hard work of the individuals who have raised and managed our funds over the past 10 or so years.

To supplement the funds that we have we have been running a couple of fundraisers, namely the online Toyota footy raffle and our club online actions. Many thanks to those members who have supported these activities.

There is absolutely no doubt that next year and perhaps even the year after, are going to be very difficult for sporting clubs, with Bentleigh being no exception to this. The business community is doing it very hard as are the workers within the various industries. We have relied heavily on the support of business via various sponsorship agreements. We will continue to support them through our many and varied advertising platforms whilst understanding that they will most likely not be in a position to provide the funding support that we have enjoyed over the journey. Sponsors are our "Proud Partners" and we ask that if the opportunity arises, that you consider our sponsors when you are planning to spend your "hard earned" dollars. Details of our sponsors may be found on our website

In these times of isolation we are keeping our members informed via a number of mediums:

Our monthly newsletter, our website and our Facebook site. If you have been accessing our website you should have noticed our wellness platform where information is provided on how to look after yourself and keep in touch during these times of isolation.

You will also have noticed that the club was most pleased to reappoint all of its coaching staff for the 2021 season. This is a very positive step for the club as we have been able to commence the planning process for 2021.

In keeping with how we are indebted to those players, coaches, officials and members who have laid the foundations for what is our great club, we have recently launched a series of video interviews under the title of "Bentleigh Football netball Club-A living history." These interviews are being conducted by former Bentleigh player/committee person and former SFNL President, Mark Seymour. The first in the series is about former player and President, Greg Clough (A brief bio on Greg may be found at the end of this email). To access this interview go to the club's facebook site   bentleighfnc.

The next interview in the series will be on Colin Richards, founding Secretary and player, Senior Coach and Senior Premiership player.

We have a number of other interviews planned over the coming months to track the history of the club through hearing from people who were there when it happened. 

Since the club's foundation in 1965, thousands of individuals have represented and supported the club both on and off the field.

We have had a number of "Past players etc" type functions of varying success. We have recently put together our most comprehensive data base of our former members which we hope will enable us to better "keep in touch." We have a couple of ideas re enhancing the engagement of Past Players etc with each other and the club that we plan to share with you shortly.

However, communication is a two way process. We would love to receive information such as changes to email addresses, feedback on the methods and content of our communication etc. 

You can make contact with your club via the website through the section info@bentleighfnc. You will always receive a reply from one of our officials.

You may also contact me directly via  or 0409 845 439.

As local football legend, Stephen Barnes (Featured in a recent edition of our Demons newsletter) has often stated in many football forums, "Past players, officials and members are an untapped resource and are neglected by a majority of clubs." I don't believe that we have been guilty of this a Bentleigh but I am sure that there are things that we could have done better and that we will be better at!

Until next time

Cheers for now

Garry, Swanny, Matlock

General Manager

Bentleigh Football Netball Club

Greg Clough: 237 games, 232 goals. Played mainly as a Ruckman and Key Forward. Jumper number worn 29. 2 x Seniors B&F,  Runner Up Seniors B&F, ESCFA Interleague Representative, Hall of Fame member,  Life Member, Best Club person Award ( At 16 the youngest in the club's history ), one of only 12 playing legends in the history of the club. Other achievements: SFL Personality of the Year award 1995, Only Father Son Combination ( Greg and son Aaron) in the club's history to have played a combined 500 plus games. Official Roles: 15 years committee membership including roles of President (7Yrs), Vice President and General Manager. Inaugral member of the Bentleigh Dragon Club Coterie group Numerous years as a club sponsor. Sponsorship Director: Took the club's sponsorship program to a professional level. Other Football Club achievements: Chelsea Heights F.C. in SW Gippsland League. Runner Up Seniors B&F. 

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