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Bush Fire Donations

As our country faces these bush fires we would like to thank the firefighters and volunteers that are risking their lives to keep the community safe.

Businesses in the Bentleigh Community will be collecting donations over the coming days to lend a hand to those in east Gippsland affected by the recent bush fires.

Donations can be made at the following cafe/eatery/business:

Astroluxe - Chesterville Road (near South Road corner)

Black Salt Cafe -Centre Road (near Mackie Road)

Boosa - Centre Road (East Bentleigh shops)

Chesterville Dental - Chesterville Dental (near South Road opp shops) ,

Fio Cookhouse - Centre Road (near Tucker Road),

Harry's Schnitzel & Grill - Bay Road Cheltenham

Junto - East Boundary Road (opp GESAC)

Korner & Co, East Boundary Road (Between Centre & South)

Merchant Guild- Centre Road (East Bentleigh Shops)

Poncho - Mackie Road shops

Swaad Indian Zest - Centre Road Bentleigh (past Aldi)

Time & Place ( cnr Centre Road and Mackie Road)

Additional donation points: Murrumbeena Wine Bar (Murrumbeena Road near station)

Roo Bar - Centre Road (end of shopping strip East Bentleigh)

A state of disaster has been declared for six local government areas and three alpine resorts across Victoria.

The declaration involves powers introduced in the aftermath of devastating 2009 blazes which have never been used before, including the power to compel people to evacuate.

The areas covered by the declaration, which has been made for seven days, are East Gippsland Shire, Mansfield Shire, Wellington Shire, Wangaratta Rural Shire, Towong Shire and Alpine Shire.

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