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Blackers is back with Bentleigh

Kristy Blackman has been connected with the Bentleigh community for a long time, she is back at Bentleigh playing Football and Netball for the first time and the club is excited to have her on board in such a capacity.

She has previously played for Highett Football Netball Club and started playing for the BFNC Women's Football team in 2019, she has now become a full blown demon signing up for our netball squad in 2020. Coming into the club she was well known by the Bentleigh Community, She has previously umpired for our netball teams and comes down to Thursday night dinners & functions, never one to shy away from a boogie with the girls.

Blackman is always easy to spot on the field, a humble player that never fails to change the game. Always running on with a positive attitude she manages to find the balance between keeping her head in the game and using her strength and aggression to be a great competitive player. Coming from the backline her defensive pressure is second to none. “I always cheer on my teammates whenever they do something good, from the other end of the field I’ve gotta be loud.”

Kristys Advice: To stay positive in this time and prepare ourselves for when it’s over to get straight into footy and netball.

Kristy is a gymnastics/ parkour coach at the highett youth club, but enjoys doing her own thing when she finishes classes or joining in with the kids. Constantly pushing herself to excel she is always trying new skills, especially in parkour to focus on her strengths and see what she can push herself to do. Along with being a nanny to a young boy with a disability each week she is also a Scout, her love for community stems from camping trips with her friends, crew or other crews. Never too old to learn she is always developing her survival skills or learning new knots.

Kristy is one of 4, her younger sister Paris also played for Bentleighs Football team last year. Originally from Sydney her family moved to Melbourne when she was 2 for work.

Growing up she had a deep love for sports and played a variety of different ones but connected with Netball the best. She played indoor state netball and local basketball but decided to drop the latter when she was 15 so she could try her hand at football. Starting her junior career with Highett FC she was offered the opportunity to try out for the Sandringham Dragons and the inaugural girls SMJFL interleague squad. Though she did miss out on the opportunity to make the finals trials for the Sandy Dragons, her mum forgot to tell her they were on, she made the Interleague team! They didn’t win many games as it was the first year with the girls. It was still a strong side that acted as a great learning experience for Kristy.

Whilst stuck at home she has been keeping herself busy, from cleaning and cooking to studying and working out she has taken the quiet time on board to focus on herself and the goals she has set for 2020. To stay on top of your game she recommends getting up early and drinking lots of water. Dressing to exercise and challenging her friends has been highly motivating, the challenges going around like push ups or even handstands are keeping her sharp.

A massive fan of Spaghetti Bolognese and Daniels Donuts she is always ready for her favourite foods. Relaxing is never far from her mind, hitting the hay after a long day and getting ready for a well earned rest is her downtime.

Staying home doesn’t always have to be all doom and gloom, she takes advantage of her pool table, trampoline and all else her home has to offer to keep things light. The free time leaves her with plenty of energy to listen to music and practice her Karaoke songs “I love you” by Lizzo or to spice things up a bit “Rap Freedom” by Chillit. She lives with her siblings, mother and boyfriend so she’s got good company and great support system.

Though she loves to think about the positives Kristy has struggled with her body image, struggling to see herself the way others do ”I try to keep myself positive but sometimes it’s hard due to seeing all these girls online and at my work all fit and healthy, but I have support” her friends and family are never to far away, a support system that is growing more and more everyday. At the forefront of her positive view on life is herself and the changes she makes to put a smile on her face ”I write down something I love about myself each day.”

With plenty of friends at Bentleigh there is one she has really connected with over the past few years. She admires the work and effort put into the club by Sarah Radlow, someone who is never too far away when something is happening at the club. “She has such a positive vibe and is an awesome girl to chat with about anything I feel uncomfortable within the club, I know I can talk to her. I love her attitude not just towards footy but also joining the girls netball too is something I admire.”

When our season kicks off make sure to keep an eye out for this young gun. Always one to look out for her mates and play for the team, Blackers is keen to be a part of Bentleigh.

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