Blackers is back with Bentleigh

Kristy Blackman has been connected with the Bentleigh community for a long time, she is back at Bentleigh playing Football and Netball for the first time and the club is excited to have her on board in such a capacity.

She has previously played for Highett Football Netball Club and started playing for the BFNC Women's Football team in 2019, she has now become a full blown demon signing up for our netball squad in 2020. Coming into the club she was well known by the Bentleigh Community, She has previously umpired for our netball teams and comes down to Thursday night dinners & functions, never one to shy away from a boogie with the girls.

Blackman is always easy to spot on the field, a humble player that never fails to change the game. Always running on with a positive attitude she manages to find the balance between keeping her head in the game and using her strength and aggression to be a great competitive player. Coming from the backline her defensive pressure is second to none. “I always cheer on my teammates whenever they do something good, from the other end of the field I’ve gotta be loud.”

Kristys Advice: To stay positive in this time and prepare ourselves for when it’s over to get straight into footy and netball.

Kristy is a gymnastics/