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BFNC Smoking Policy

Bentleigh Football Netball Club Smoke Free Policy

The Bentleigh Football Netball Club recognised the passive smoking (inhaling secondhand smoke) is hazardous to health and that non-smokers will be protected from tobacco smoke. Passive smoking can lead to other serious illnesses such as bronchitis, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chest illnesses in children. Accordingly, the following policy wasdeveloped by Bentleigh FNC to help protect people’s health.

The move to go smoke free also complements the Bentleigh FNC desire to create a healthy family friendly environment. Bentleigh FNC believes that such an environment and image will be advantageous in attracting new members and positively promoting the club in the community.

Legislation and the legal duty of care also provide reasons to have a smoke free club. Under common-law the Bentleigh FNC has a legal duty of care to ensure that employees, volunteers, players and officials are not exposed to potentially harmful situations. The Occupational Health & Safety act also stipulates that employees and working volunteers must have a safe environment to working. Victorian smoke-free dining legislation also states that enclosed dining areas must be smoke free.

This policy applies to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, players and visitors of the Bentleigh FNC

This policy is affective from the 26/03/2019

The Bentleigh FNC requires the following areas to be smoke-free:

• Club and social rooms

• Administration and office areas

• Changing rooms

• Toilet blocks

• Indoor spectator viewing areas

• Playing areas

• Eating areas

• Grandstands and spectator viewing areas

• Near entries and exists of buildings, facilities and the ground

The highlighted areas on the map below are permanent non-smoking areas

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