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Bentleigh Football Netball Club : 2021

The Bentleigh Football Netball Club needs your assistance. Come join the BFNC family and community by becoming a volunteer.

The BFNC is an incorporated, not for profit community sporting club that provides sporting opportunities to participate in men’s, youth’s and women’s football and youth’s and women’s netball.

The governance and financial management of the organization is undertaken by a committee that is elected at the Annual General Meeting on November 17th.  All committee members are required to be responsible for a portfolio.

To undertake the day to day organization of the Club, particularly during its various sporting seasons, we rely very heavily on the active participation of volunteers.  

These volunteers take on various official roles, can be members of sub-committees or assist on a casual basis.

Listed below are the various areas where volunteers can be of assistance.  

Any involvement, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated by the Club.

Further information regarding any aspect of the listed roles may be obtained by contacting the Club as follows:    

Football Department:

a.Match day assistants – e.g. team runners, statisticians, board management, water persons, timekeepers, scoreboard attendants, umpire escorts, match videoing personnel, live score operators(home games), photographers, trainers and team managers/assistant team managers

b. Ground management – Sponsor’s boards, setup and removal, goalpost padding setup and removal.

c. Game officials for thirds e.g. field umpires, boundary umpires, goal umpires.

d. Games officials for women’s football e.g. boundary umpires, goal umpires.

2. Netball Department:

a. Co-coordinators

b. Training staff

c. Equipment organization/maintenance

3. Trading Operations:

a. Canteen assistants

b. Bbq assistants for both general bbq and morning egg and bacon type bbq.

c. Coffee cart operation

d. Merchandise sellers

e. Bar staff (RSA required) match day; (after match day inside and outside bar); post match and Thursday night’s post training.

f. Meals preparation, meals selling and kitchen maintenance – match day and Thursdays.

g. Special Fundraisers e.g. Bunnings BBQ’s Organizers, workers etc.

h. Raffles organizers and ticket sellers.

4. Facilities/equipment maintenance:

a. Cleaners

b. Property Officers

c. Covid19 Officers

5. Communications/social media – operators, writers, maintenance, photographers

6. Social organizers, funds’ collectors, supervisors, security, cleaners

7. Fundraisers – organizers, funds collectors

8. Bentleigh Juniors- Organizers for mascots, Little League type activities

9. Administration/ clerical assistants

10. Hospitality – home match food preparation and serving for President’s half time functions

If you are interested or would like further information on any of the above roles please complete our expression of interest form here:


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