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Bentleigh FNC vs East Brighton match report 8-sep-2019:

It was second semi final day at the Ben Kavanagh reserve, with a spot in the preliminary final up for grabs between Bentleigh fc and East Brighton.

East Brighton would start off the better of the two sides;they would kick three goals to two in the first quarter.

They responded well after an early first minute goal from Joel Nankervis, kicking three of the next four.

Moments before the quarter time siren, a magnificent tackle and set shot was tucked away by Matthew Fosterto give East Brighton a 3.3.21-2.0.12 first break advantage.

The second quarter was fairly evenly matched. Both sides would add an equal two goals.

Mathew Field gave Brighton a 16 point lead after a free kick inside 50. James Apostolidis would pull one back for Bentleigh just before half time to bring the margin to 4.2.26-5.6.36.

The premiership quarter would be the one for Bentleigh to hit back.

Whilst Brighton had their chances, it would be Bentleigh to capitalise more in this quarter.

Bentleigh’s third of the quarter by Bradey would give them a lead.

Two late behinds, one from a set shot missed by Nunnand a rushed behind seconds from the siren would give Bentleigh a two point advantage at the final change: 7.5.47-6.9.45

The last quarter would be an absolute thriller.

After a strong mark in the first minute, Field would snap his second giving Brighton the lead back.

Whilst a ninth minute goal from James Apostolidis levelled the game up once again.

At the 18th minute mark it was still levelled… until the umpire payed a hold to East Brighton.

The free was payed to Matthew Percy, then a 50 was payed, which brought him to the goal-square. Percy’sgoal PUT BRIGHTON IN FRONT LESS THAN ONE MINUTE TO PLAY BY SIX POINTS.

Brighton cleared it straight out of the middle, a free kick was payed for a push to Frazer Young Inside 50.

As he went back for his set shot, the final siren sounded,sparking mad scenes from the East Brighton players.

His shot went through for a behind, as Brighton advanced to the preliminary final courtesy of that late 50, which proved the match winner, as they finished strong,outlasting Bentleigh 8.5.53-8.12.60.

Goal kickers:


Nankervis 3, Apostolidis 3, Nunn 1, Brady 1,


Field 2, Cochrane 1, Morgan 1, Edwareds 1, Foster 1, Young 1, Percy 1.

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