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Avoid home office aches and pains

This post may save you from a workcare claim.

Are you working from home, or do you have staff working from home through the current health crisis?

Have you provided your staff with the best ergonomic advice and workstation set-up at home to reduce the risk of them developing aches and pains?

  • ErgoLogic can provide ‘remote’ training for you and your team to optimise home office set-up and reduce the risk of a workplace issue due to poor ergonomic set-up. Our training packages will  empower the employee with knowledge and provide peace of mind for employers during this challenging time.

  • To give you a flavour of our training packages, please feel free to have a look at some sample slides

  • Prices start from as little as $25+GST per assessment.

  • For more information on our packages, or to request a quote, please contact us

About Ergologic:

ErgoLogic is based in Sandringham in Melbourne, and has been providing ergonomic assessments for a wide range of workplaces and working environments to clients across the greater Melbourne metro area and into regional Victoria since 2012. All of our consultants are fully qualified and experienced physiotherapists with additional training in ergonomics.  The current health crisis has resulted in many staff transitioning rapidly to working from home, and with the rapid pace of change, few employers have had time to arrange home ergonomic workstation assessments or training for their staff.  In response to this unprecedented situation, and following discussions and requests from our clients, ErgoLogic have put together two ‘preventative’ assessment packages which are for staff to use independently to assist them to set up their own home office appropriately, in order to minimise the risk of developing new aches and pains. As our training and assessment packages are delivered remotely, staff can access these from their own homes (or offices) anywhere in Australia or overseas. All training and advice is based on the  Worksafe Victoria’s Guidelines.

Our assessments provide ‘remote’ professional ergonomic services and advice to staff who require a preventative check or reassurance that their home office has been set-up appropriately, as well as more comprehensive assessments and advice for those who have existing aches and pains at their workstations.

Given the tight timeframes for staff to get themselves set-up at home, and the likelihood of difficulty in sourcing some equipment, we have included some practical suggestions in our training pack about how staff can use or modify equipment they already have at home to achieve appropriate short-term set-ups.

Our entry level assessment package includes a training slide deck, with a questionnaire to check understanding, a self-assessment checklist assessment, and handouts.

Here are some simple examples anyone can do to break up their sitting posture

If you would like any more information, or a quote for our ergonomic assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Robert De Nardis

Ergologic Director and Physiotherapist

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