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A Letter from our Treasurer

Rodgers Reidy (one of our long term sponsors), whilst known primarily as a liquidation firm, also work in business turnaround and can offer advice on how best to manage any financial issues people are facing.

Rodgers Reidy are happy to help out with BFNC in any way they can. They will meet/talk to anyone looking for advice - at no cost.

Their contact details are below:

· Geoff Handberg 0417 524 109

· Shane Cremin 0408 306 185

· Brent Morgan 0412 343 299

A Letter from Rodgers Reidy,

I will also make myself available to club members to discuss government stimulus measures and/or a general discussion for those concerned around investments or super.

Let’s all stay in touch.


Mark Eyles - Partner

Treasurer - Bentleigh Football & Netball Club


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