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2022 Round 1 Report!

Round 1 is done and dusted, keep reading for the report on each team! We saw player milestones and the return of our senior thirds team!


Final Scores:

St Paul's McKinnon: 20.15-135

Bentleigh: 7.6-48


The Development side had a hard fought win in Steve Galileos’ 150th game. After having most of the play in the first quarter kicking into the wind, we found ourselves behind at half time after an incredibly disappointing effort in the second quarter with only ourselves to blame. However, after the break, the effort and energy picked up on the defensive side of the footy first, which allowed us to capitalise on some much better ball movement coming forward. With one goal the margin with about 2 mins left, intercept marks across half back from Will Black and Dean Iellamo were instrumental in helping us hold on and come away with the win. A goal after the siren to Laskey helped flatter the margin. New faces of Jamison Thomas and Tom Smith stood up in the 2nd half, whilst the ever-reliable Galileos and Morrison contributed as always. On to East Malvern.


Round 1 done & dusted.

It was an early start, 25 blokes, new team, lots of introductions 15 minutes out. Skills bit rusty for sure, but attitude was first class.

Narre 2.5.17 vs Bentleigh 14.14.98

Goal Kickers: J. Apostolidis 6, M. Lawrence 3, K. Hobbs, J. Azzolini, M. Bayly, C. Dorrofield, C. Duncan

Best Players:

M. Bayly, M. Lewis, J. Apostolidis, M. Lawrence, H. Ferdinand, L. Kiely

Highlights :

Keagan Hobbs playing in the ruck, pounces on the ball 50 out. Run, carry, bork and saluted from 40 out.

6 goal

s James Apostolidis (J'Pod).

Hugo Ferdinand bullet pass that almost decapitated Julian Azzolini.

Lochie Kiely taking the ball at half back with 12 seconds left in the game. Takes a good long look at the scoreboard. Yep, plenty of time. 3 bounces launches from 40. Point of the year.

2 blokes playing their first game of footy. And played great games. WOW!


The Women’s team hosted Hallam for our round 1 encounter.

With Taryn McGaw lining up for her 50th game the girls were ready to go.

Being low on numbers this week didn’t stop the high intensity of the game. Wet weather created a congested contest.

Emma Stuber arrived late (quarter time) and lit up the game. Our pressure game in the forward line kept the ball mostly at out end.

But when it get down Hallam’s end it was quickly repelled back by Allison, Kate, Jess, Lash, and Tara.

After a hard fought contest we would prevail by 17 points.

Final Score:

Bentleigh 4.7.31 def Hallam 2.2.14.

Goal Kickers: Christa 2, Emma Stuber 1 , Sarah Radlow 1

Best: Christa, Emma Stuber, Emma Medland, Allison, Kate, Olivia

Under Nineteens Red:

A strong start to the season in what was a grading game against a young and inexperienced but gallant opposition.

Was pleased with the boys ability to stay focused, discipline and selfless to each other and our structure for four quarters when they could have easily got lazy and selfish.

Under Nineteens Blue:

Round 1 vs. Frankston

Excited to be back playing footy for 2022, the boys were keen to finally verse Frankston (who finished second last year) despite being undersized due to injury and late withdrawals.

We welcomed numerous players for their first official game and each of them impressed in their roles, notably McNamara, Poll and Marsh among others.

We started positively and took a 4 goal lead into the major break and held on despite the opposition having the momentum for majority of the second half. Our ball movement was fierce and our pressure was strong allowing us to get a tonne of inside 50s. We will continue look to capitalise our entries more and increase our fitness to hunt for 4 quarters.

After a huge pre season, it was great to run away with the 4pts, plenty left to improve on but showing all the signs of another promising season in 2022.

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