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2021 Ladies Day wrap up

Thank you to those who attended Bentleigh Football Netball Club’s annual ladies day function on the weekend. This year’s theme was Movie Madness and we were very impressed by everyone’s efforts to dress up for the occasion.

There were various games throughout the afternoon including movie trivia and Rebecca Smith did an outstanding job cleaning up with 2 of the prizes.

Our guest speaker for the afternoon was Jade Hameister. Jade at 16, became the youngest person in history to pull off the “polar hat-trick”. She spoke about her experiences, including her passion to shift the focus for young women from how they appear to the possibilities of what they can do. It’s fair to say our ladies were able to take away some very inspiring points from Jade’s talk.

We were able to cheer on the Seniors Football Team to a win and reveled in the chance to sing the club song with them in the rooms following the game, whilst also enjoying the netball wins from that week.

Our very own Ben De Nardis was serving up cocktails throughout the day with his team from Sipsters and everyone enjoyed the high-quality cocktails so much that we sold out! Thank you to Ben, Dave and Lucas for their service throughout the day.

We would also like to thank Jeff, Virginia and Gary for serving drinks behind the bar throughout the event. Thanks also to Jeff’s donation from the Roo Bar, providing a free drink on arrival to all of our attendees. Thank you to Charlotte Conway for the wonderful cookies on each table and Jordy Cooper for assisting with the setup. And finally, a big thank you to Sarah Radlow for her help throughout the planning process and Luke Holmesby for MC’ing the function- he brings a certain sense of charm to the occasion and it shows that he is a veteran at hosting this event.

Most of all, well done to Taryn McGaw for hosting a successful event once again. There was a lot of work that went into planning the function behind the scenes and she did a fantastic job.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we look forward to seeing everyone in attendance at the next function, The Red & Blue Ball on Saturday 26 June.

Jess Matthews

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